Bible story books help Moi people learn to read


The Moi language is spoken by about 6,400 people in Indonesia. It became a written language only about 12 years ago. Moi people are still learning to read their heart language. CAM’s Bible story book was translated into Moi within the past few years and is being used to teach the people how to read.

“We have a lot of interest from all ages to attend literacy [classes],” wrote a Christian worker in Indonesia. “They are eager to read God’s Word and are thrilled to have a book of Bible stories with great pictures.”

CAM’s Bible story book is translated into 75 languages and has helped introduce the Bible to millions of people. If you wish to help take Bibles, Bible story books, and other Christian literature to people around the world, you may donate using the link below. 

God Provides for a Paralyzed Shoemaker

God Provides for a Paralyzed Shoemaker

War took its toll on Liberia nearly 14 years ago, and it is still creating adversity for many of its victims. Loss of loved ones, physical disabilities, and severe poverty are ongoing hardships for many Liberians.

Marcus Barchue and his family know all too well the effects of war. While fleeing the conflict, Marcus was partially paralyzed after being hit by a rocket. The rocket damaged his spinal cord, leaving his legs mostly inoperable. Life as a father now has a unique set of challenges.

Although Marcus can’t walk, he uses his hands to repair shoes and teach sign language. When he has enough money to purchase supplies, he also makes shoes to sell. Even though Marcus works diligently, his limited working abilities make it difficult to provide for his family. Aside from providing for his own six children, Marcus also takes care of his sister’s two children who lost their mother in the war.

While investigating needy situations in Liberia, CAM staff members found Marcus. He now receives food parcels through the International-Feed-A-Family program. Marcus is so grateful for the boost the food parcels give him and his family. When asked what items in the parcels they especially like, he said, “My little son likes the dried apples. I like the cornmeal.”

$45 provides a 35-pound food parcel to assist people who are experiencing circumstances that are out of their control. If you wish to help, you may donate by using the link below. 

Farming Families Struggle to Survive in Dry Season


Dust is everywhere. It’s been hot and dry for months. The terrain is hard, rocky, and not ideal for farming. Yet for many people in Candelaria, Nicaragua, farming is their means of survival. With little cash flow, they are very dependent on the land.

Cirilo is no exception. He is a young father with three pairs of little eyes looking to him to provide daily sustenance. Between April and mid-July, when it is the driest, Cirilo finds life the most difficult. Although he can sporadically find other work here or there, his growing children need food, and the struggle to provide continues.

The Nicaragua-Adopt-A-Family program helps ease Cirilo’s load, and he and his family are grateful when the monthly food parcel arrives. This parcel gives them basic food items including rice, oil, flour, and some prized chicken. Since they rarely have meat to eat, the canned chicken is a specialty. The children are excited when the parcel arrives and like to taste the dry soup mix even before it is cooked! A Christian family magazine, La Antorcha de la Verdad, comes with this parcel and provides spiritual encouragement for Cirilo who also spends much time at the local church, investing in the lives of the young people.

Although Cirilo lives in a house with mud walls and dirt floor, he is blessed with a wife, two daughters, and a son. His wife, Gladys, grew up in a family of twelve and remembers the blessing of receiving monthly food parcels when she was young.

Generation after generation, God continues to provide for the needs of the hungry. Nicaragua-Adopt-a-Family is a channel through which one Christian family can help another even if they are in different parts of the world. With the help of Christian brothers and sisters in the States, Cirilo’s struggle to provide for his family eases.

If you would like to help families in Nicaragua who struggle to make ends meet, you may donate using the link below. $59 provides a 45-pound parcel of food and healthcare items.